New technologies have meant that companies are now forced to transform themselves digitally, not only to provide a better service to users, but to save costs and boost their processes. One of the technologies that help considerable savings in companies is that of Telecommunications . Connecting with your potential and current clients is of the utmost importance for companies looking for new businesses. One of the alternatives are Voice over IP or VoIP solutions, what they call it technically.

VoIP is a technology that converts your phone call into a digital signal that travels through the Internet until you reach the phone of the person you are calling. Everything is handled through the cloud.

This solution helps your company save costs on traditional telephony. And to be able to implement a solution it is advisable to look for an operator that supports you, both in the advice and in the execution of the solution. But how do you know that an IP Voice provider is right for your business. In this article we will give you some tips to find the best provider and do not have headaches when implementing your solution for calls over IP.

1 – Technology
Your future IP Vo operator must be clear with the technology that it will use in the implementation of your solution. The availability it has according to each need and the technological infrastructure that is required to execute it. If the provider can provide you with the infrastructure, better, you do not have to hire another one that supplies the physical part, which will save you great costs.

2 – Support
Keep in mind that your IP Voice service may fail due to different circumstances and that it is out of the hands of your provider, but it must have support for your service, if it is a provider that gives you 24/7 support in the solution , earn many points. Keep this aspect in mind.

3 – Call quality
Your future provider must ensure that the voice quality of the calls is high and stable (that calls are not dropped). This will ensure the continuity of calls and good communication with your customers or work team.

4 – Competitive prices
The price for this type of services is very important. It is good that you want to save costs, but do not go runaway for the lowest price. Evaluate the economic offers that your suppliers send you regarding the services they provide. The lowest price is not always the best.

5- Service channels
Your IP Voice provider must have a website, contact line, social networks and an email where they can contact you. Take into account the quality of the website and the response time on the different channels. If your response time is fast and the website is good, it means that it is a serious company and generates confidence when offering services to its customers.

6 – Demo Tests
As a customer you have to know how the VoIP service works . The solution provider can offer you a demo account for testing. This will demonstrate the safety and quality of the solution.

7 – Anti-Fraud Mechanisms
Any provider of VoIP solutions, at a minimum, must ensure that your SIP Trunk is protected against fraudulent activities that may compromise your information and infrastructure.

8 – Billing flexibility
Either, for minutes or seconds, without minimum consumption and with a unified billing, no hidden fees. It is a very important aspect when choosing your VoIP provider correctly .

9 – Free access to metrics
The operators that are being evaluated must also comply with the requirement to give you the real-time metrics of your activity. This has no additional cost, if you are being offered an extra charge for this service, evaluate very well why and if it has an added value that helps your company’s objectives. Otherwise, discard it.

10 – Availability
Make sure the provider has the best technology to support the levels of service your company requires. We recommend Tier 1 or more advanced technology .

The digital transformation of your company must be accompanied by professionals who support the materialization of your business objectives. While there is a broad portfolio of providers for your IP Voice implementation , you must be very careful, not everyone can guarantee you what you need. So keep these 10 tips in mind and the margin of error when choosing the best VoIP provider will be minimal.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through our social networks or in the contact numbers we have available. We will always be attentive to clarify any questions you have about our IP Voice solutions.