Do you know that VoIP phone numbers are the source of elevating business phone operations? If not, it is mainly because you are not acquainted with the term VoIP.

What is a VoIP Business Phone System?

VoIP is an abbreviation of Voice Over Internet Protocol. As the name suggests, it completely relies on an internet connection to make or take (receive or place) a call. However, in order to get VoIP business numbers for any size of company or enterprise, do try out our services for one month free of charges at To do that, you must have an account on the website.

How Does VoIP Function and What is VoIP?

It is obvious that not many people know about VoIP but all those who are involved in technology are somehow familiar with the whole idea of its functionality. To them, it is nothing too complexed or complicated. Users on the other end find VoIP numbers similar to any other regular phone number.

Going in-depth, we should know that VoIP is a sequence of digits which are pressed on the dial pad to enable communication between two people. It doesn’t need any lesson or technical awareness to operate the VoIP number.

Interestingly, the IP phone is all about to plug it in and play the game! Means, you can plug it anywhere and in any device with internet or LAN port. Once the connection is made, the device registers the VoIP network automatically, without taking much time.

That is the point of time when the user can make calls, do texts or messaging, create an email, and comply with other features. The best thing about these numbers is that they can be carried where ever the user goes.

What Differentiates Regular and VoIP Phone Numbers?

Main differences between regular and VoIP phone numbers rely on the following grounds.

Synchronization on Multiple Devices 

Landline numbers are always linked to a device. It could be at home, office, or any other location. Mostly, a telephone set is there to connect number so that calls can be received as well as made.

Contrary to that, VoIP numbers are attached to all those devices which have internet connection or LAN port. These numbers are used for several purposes including calling and texting. Devices which are generally used in order to connect number are laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Naturally, systems like VoIP brings in flexibility in (hardcore sales and marketing) areas of business. The phone number that comes with VoIP services are more comforting due to conveniences it caters. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to handle the working situation, needs, and requirements of a modern world.

Area Codes

Area codes are not relevant to VoIP numbers for a reason. The reason that virtual numbers are taken along to different places and don’t restrict use at one geographical location. It is also because VoIP numbers are independent and can be functional in all, national, international, and local numbers. However, when it comes to prices, it changes as to the subscribed plan. VoIP phones service providers allocate numbers as to the area codes on which users are charged (for specific calls).

Users can select phone numbers according to area code which is available with the service provider or the operator. Prices don’t vary much even if the user makes a call from the same area code he selected or a different area code which is not bought.

Perks of VoIP Numbers

There isn’t much of a difference in the utilization of landline numbers. It’s been decades with same functionalities and operational impediments. Individuals make calls, use caller ID, receive voicemails, and send messages. Do you think all these are possible with a conventional phone number that sticks to one place? These features are only possible with VoIP numbers.

Enlisted below are some of the main advantages of using VoIP phone numbers.

Mobility of Virtual Phone Numbers

At times, when business locations or houses are shifted to a new area, landlines are not taken with them. Instead, people who change the location are supposed to apply for a new landline number. It is indeed a hassle. When they apply for a new number, it takes a week or more. Reason for this delay is based on formalities attached.

VoIP numbers work differently because they facilitate user with mobility. It means that users are allowed to take the number with them where ever they go. Even, if they happen to visit some other state or city, they can take the number along. However, one thing that is a must in order to operate a VoIP phone number is an internet connection.

Businesses and brands never want to lose customers. For them, these VoIP numbers serve best. It’s because the number is always functional and can be taken anywhere which leaves a high chance of not losing potential clients or customers. Clients mostly remember one number and if the number changes most of them leave. So, it is all in favor of businesses to maintain one number forever.

When there is no change in number and number stays the same, marketing materials don’t need any update. Business owners don’t have to change contact details on social media pages or website.

With VoIP numbers, users experience a lot more than they expect (especially after shifting from regular phone number). Innovative and unique features are integrated into the VoIP operating system. If you want to learn more about the dynamics of VoIP, then don’t hesitate in contacting us now at

Use of Device

IP technology is the main source of running any VoIP phone number. It’s exactly same as the networks used to render internet services. Similar to the fact that the internet can be used in any device, VoIP numbers are used in different devices simultaneously with the use of different hardware. VoIP customer or client can use the number on any device – analog landline phone set, smartphone, tablet, IP desk, etc. However, you have to have the software which is complied with VoIP number. Interestingly, even when you use one number in different devices, each will show the same number. The person on the receiving end will not see different numbers on their phone caller ID.