With the complete understanding of special numbers called, “VoIP Numbers”, you will be able to use them in a better way. So, first thing first, it is imperial to know the meaning of it, and then we will go on with details like the procedure of using these numbers.

Let’s start.

Basics of VoIP Numbers

Here are some basic foundations that you should know before delving into other complexities.

What is a VoIP Number?

Well, in simplest words, it is a number which is a lot like normal phone numbers. However, there is a catch! Unlike PSTN, it recognizes an IP network of the user. Other than that, there isn’t any major difference. You can use VoIP numbers as any other standard number.

No Difference, Really?!

There are many minor differences though which separates VoIP numbers from the regular numbers. Some of them are mentioned below.

No device needed:

Users are the main link and there is no need for any particular device. Yes, it is not tied to any device. Softphones, tablets, laptops, phones, landlines are some devices where you can call from the VoIP numbers.

No geographical boundary:

You can call anywhere in the world. It clearly means, there isn’t any restriction to call or not call a particular area. In other words, you don’t need area codes because they are not worthy enough to waste money on. Generally, businesses use this facility in order to reach customers and clients without any hassle (of heavy charges on making long-distance calls).


Another feature which sets VoIP numbers apart from regular numbers is that calling is not fixated to a location. As in you can easily make a call or two while on wheels (travelling). This could include international travelling too. Along with this, VoIP numbers are also used for taking calls. By that facility, clients or callers can reach you out at the same number which is used for making calls.

Dynamics and Procedure of Using VoIP Number or Phone Service

It hardly takes a couple of minutes in order to get a new VoIP number. Here, in this section, you will learn about the entire procedure of possessing a free of cost VoIP number. You will also get acquainted with the method of making and taking a call.

First of all, you should know that there are VoIP service providers who have digits for more than 4000 cities in the world. It is indeed one of the finest options to receive and take calls.

Step 1: Create an account at number.io

In order to make calls and take calls, you have to have an account on the website (www.number.io). Here, the services are such that you get a free trial. After that, you are asked to buy the service plan. This free trial is offered so that you can try out the services before paying for the services. Therefore, the need of creating an account is a must.

What you have to do in order to create an account?

You have to simply visit the site and sign up for the account. All you will need is your first name, last name, email address, and a strong password.

Another question which may pop up in your mind is, “is free version complied with features that are included in a paid version?”

The answer is yes. All features are included in the free trial so that you can decide without any issue. This also allows users to get familiar with features that are there in the paid version.

In short, it is the best VoIP service provider because it doesn’t ask for credit cards or updating before trial is over.  The next step is to verify an email address by clicking on the link you receive from the site. once that is verified, you will be able to sign in and then you can choose the plan without spending a penny.

Step 2: Apply for the free of cost VoIP number

After signing in you are ready to enter step two. In this step, the first impression of the site can actually be overwhelming. But, once you know what to do next, overpowering feel will fade away. To apply for the number, you have to simply install the application for softphone. Numbers are mostly displayed and presented in the form of caller ID. This number of caller ID is displayed to those who will place a call. To get the VoIP number quickly you better contact the support team.

Inbound numbers are shown once your administrative panel will open. After the panel is opened and expanded, you have to press the button that redirects you to another link. There, you can apply for a free of cost UK number.

This is the right point of time when you can apply for the free number from 4000 cities in the globe. Picking and selecting the most appealing number there will be yours within a few minutes. It will reveal in the inbound numbers and you can set the username too. Then, you have to go back to the administrative panel and select a number. That number will be shown as the caller ID at the time of making calls. However, if you don’t wish to select a number, then your VoIP number will not be shown to the person you are calling. Nevertheless, it will be called by the anonymous number.

Step 3: Softphone application (entire process)

Obviously, you will need an application called softphone which will allow you to do both, take (receive) and make (dial) a call. This could be done by simply selecting the operating system from the options that pop up.

One thing that you must keep in mind while installing the application is that you must choose the auto-start option. This will let you run the application all the time. Also, bear in mind that you have to keep the application open so that the calls can be received and made. If the application will be closed, you will not get calls, likewise, you will not be able to make calls.

Another point to remember is that the application will ask for your password and username at the time of using it for the very first time. Naturally, once signed in you will carry out making and taking calls.

Contacts can be added in the application. Also, you can set your availability. It will show the caller if you are available to attend a call or not.

In a nutshell, getting a free number which could be used for thirty days in a trial is not difficult at all. It is indeed a quick procedure which only takes three steps altogether.