Before delving into the differences in lo-calls and the 0800 number calls, let’s discuss the meaning of both.

What is a 0800 Number?

A 0800 number is that which is assigned as UK non-traceable numbers for free of cost calls. It is operational since the first of July 2015 and has a deep impact in the world of businesses. Initially, calling on the very same United Kingdom’s 0800 number was free from landline and not a cellular device. Later on, the service was called free for both landlines and mobile phones. However, there were a number of complexities involves which were sorted after the launch of free calling on 0800 numbers.

What is a Lo-Call Number?

0845 numbers are called numbers which are different from the 0800 numbers. However, there are indeed some common grounds among 0800, 0844, and 0845 numbers. First of all, all these are not synced to any geographical area. Therefore, if you call on any number beginning with these numbers, it means they belong to any of the following areas…

  • Penzance
  • London
  • Belfast
  • Inverness
  • Cardiff

Further Discussion on Prefixes of Numbers

It is normal to have a feeling that you will be charged for calling an unknown number. No wonder why we have stopped at that time but have dialed it once to kill curiosity. Charges are indeed the part of services taken from the vendor. Enlisted below are the ways it is functional since first of July 2015.

Calling cost is segmented into two – access charge and the service charge.

  • An access charge is included in the calling charges to the company which is mostly about one penny for a single minute. This denotes charges for calling to service numbers.
  • Service charge is related to the remains of the calling charges. This means that the organization or company you call will decide this factor. It is the company which will decide on the charges.

A Question – Are 0800 Numbers Free for Calling?

Here, at this point, we become more skeptical and the question we have in mind is, whether calling a 0800-number free or not.

Well, in the past calling a 0800 number from mobile was charged. Afterward, it really became a bone of contention and people didn’t know the answer.

It was observed that many users were somewhat confused about the costs to call on the service numbers. Questions that were received in this regard were mostly about who receives the money, and so on. What did this imply? This implied that users were not confident as to why, where, how, when, and who they were calling.

Frequently Asked Queries and their Solutions

Following are some queries which have been asked frequently.

Do calling charges to apply in (entire) UK?

The answer to it is YES. Charges apply in all of the UK. However, it doesn’t include the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

What charges are applied if you call from a “business phone number”?

Rules of applying charges are for landlines and consumer’s phone (mobile phone). Companies to which you call from business number has their own verdict and it varies from company to company. In fact, you must take assistance from the hosted PBX service provider to check on the charges.

To make a call on any lo-call or 0800 number, do you have to change the package?

It is not needed. Reason being, the telephone providing service will advise on charges as in how to access it and all that.

Where to look for calling rates before making a call?

It is provided by the organization which uses the 0800 number. Access charges are later included in the company’s plans and phone bills.

Who takes money which is received from calling on an 0800 number for service?

It can be taken by various parties. It may include, the telephone company, company you call, or the company which is entitled to connect calls.