Voice over IP is a technology that is innovating in telecommunication. Every day there are innovations that constantly change our way of life. The way we communicate, order food, listen to music and watch movies are clear examples of these recent changes.

With the telephony is not being different. It is becoming more common to make and receive calls over the internet. This technology is called Voice over IP, or simply VoIP .

In a nutshell, voice over IP is the technology that makes it possible to make and receive calls over the internet. If you have not used it, you probably have heard of VoIP . It is present in many applications such as WhatsApp, Skype and Messenger when we make and receive calls.

The History behind Voice over IP

The VoIP technology , is somewhat recent. Since its inception it has evolved and changed. Although it is gaining prominence in the market today, the first commercial VoIP application , called Internet Phone, was launched by VocalTec Communications Inc., an Israeli telecommunications equipment supplier founded in 1989.

The VoIP was created as an alternative to long distance and international calls. Because of the low internet speed at the time, VoIP telephony was almost forgotten. Due to the poor speed of the internet, the connections were of poor quality, so they were not viable.

However, with the availability and expansion of broadband Internet, voice over IP gained more space in the early 2000s in the United States.

The idea of ​​VoIP to transfer information through IP-based packages was attractive for its speed, quality improvement and lower cost, and has become part of the everyday lives of many people around the world.

In europe, little by little the VoIP technology is gaining public. With the various advances such as the popularization of high-speed internet and the emergence and spread of Wi-Fi, the integration of phones, computers, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Voip has increasingly become a part of companies and of people’s lives, with the aim of improving and facilitating communication.

How does VoIP work?

Voice over IP technology transforms analog audio signals, such as in a normal call, into digital data that can be transferred over the Internet. The popularity of VoIP is growing, mainly because this technology manages to offer quality and low cost.

In practice, transmission can be done in three ways: from one computer to another, from a computer to a conventional telephone, or even to a VoIP system. To use VoIP technology , it is only necessary to have an account in a VoIP service and internet connection.

Advantages of VoIP

During this reading you have realized that VoIP has arrived to facilitate communication through internet connections. But this technology offers several other advantages. We list some of them:

1 – Cost of VoIP

In voice over IP technology, providers typically offer lower rates, compared to traditional telephone companies, because they have a direct relationship to the Internet. The cost of the call does not depend on the location or the hours of use, different from the parameters used for charging in conventional fixed and mobile telephony.

2 – VoIP Scalability

Scalability can be defined by boosting the production and / or activities of your company, and means doing it with low investment. VoIP can be one of the ways to start scalability of your company. Want to know more about scalability? Want to know how to scale your startup? Read here.

3 – Voice over IP

Call forwarding and binaare simple operations with voice over IP technology, but these are resources usually charged by conventional telephony;

Activation of a VoIP line can be done in less than 1 hour,without leaving home or work. And VoIP calls are safer because they are encrypted and can be recorded. This makes it virtually impossible for information to be lost;

• The routine of your company can be much more productive , since, without worrying about the increase in expenses, the employee can be more effective in their care and gain more clients. In addition, the use of VoIP is even more common when you want to communicate internationally, because the connections come out much more.

4 – Mobility

As the internet grows faster on mobile devices, it is increasingly feasible to use VoIP wherever you are. This technology makes it possible to integrate with your phone through applications installed on the device, ensuring that your extension is always with you, so you do not miss any calls.

5 – Control

On some voice over IP platforms you can choose from several plans and have control over how much you’re willing to spend. What’s more, you have access to reports with detailed information about each of your calls, and your recordings.

Disadvantages of Voice over IP

But since flowers are not all things, some disadvantages can be identified using voice over IP technology . Let’s meet them.

1 – Internet

The quality of the connections made with VoIP technology is linked to the stability of the internet connection. So if the hired data package has good speed and enough franchise, the quality of VoIP calls will probably be excellent. Otherwise, quality can not be guaranteed.

2- Electrical Energy

Unlike conventional telephony, the voice over IP technology is dependent on the electric power, since it uses your computer or an IP phone to work. With this, when your company goes through an instability in the electric power supply, its extensions will not work. But if you’re using VoIP from your cell phone, you’ll be able to use it until the battery runs out.

3 – Coverage

Voice over IP coverage is gradually expanding, but in some regions, mainly inland cities, this technology has not yet arrived. Despite this, several companies today seek to provide solutions to these problems. The very growth of the market, will cause new solutions to be implemented throughout the network, making it possible to end these problems.

Finally, as we have seen, voice over IP is increasingly higher in the market, mainly because it combines quality and low cost. The voice over IP system can help the economy and bring more modern and flexible communication to your company. With this information, we hope you can better base your decision to implement VoIP technology in your business!

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