0800 Numbers give the businesses boost and are known for marketing. Are you aware of them? If not, then this article will give you an overview of the 0800 number.

First thing first, it is one of the best tools to propagate and increase the selling points of any business. Broadly speaking, these numbers have two uses – free use of the number and then to use the free number on campaigns (for the customers to call the advertiser on different platforms including social media).

Advantages of Using 0800 Numbers

Enlisted below are some of the main features or advantages of using the 0800 number.

  1. Calling Price

By using 0800 numbers, you will be able to remove the price of any sort. Customers will nationalize the company (supposedly you).

  1. Competition Over Competitors

Competitors of similar companies like yours have fewer sales and you have more by using a 0800 number. This is only when other companies don’t use these 0800 numbers.

  1. Advertising Response

0800 numbers also facilitate customers who are about the leave due to no trace of calling the company. Once you use these in the adverts and other places, there is a high rate of response. Again, it is because of the fact that numbers or calling options attract customers and clients. In addition to it, this feature adds on value to the business and you look professional to others.

  1. Information

Besides all the points, this is the most important one. While using 0800 numbers you will be passing on information at a maximum rate in lesser than expected time. At times, even different numbers are called for different services under a company.

  1. Statistics Online

Furthermore, you can easily distinguish between the months in which you got more calls and projects or sales. It is so because there is a free calling statistic shown in real time. Social media adverts which make more money or received a better number of calls are easily revealed. That actually gives a plus to the advertiser to invest more realistically and sensibly.

  1. Instant and Easy

Calling on 0800 numbers is very easy and it works like a gem. Reason being, there is no point in which you have to wait for the representative. Since there are no setup charges and not a single contract assigned, you can cancel the service of 0800 numbers whenever you want.

Dynamics of 0800 Numbers

The functionality of the 0800 numbers is pretty easy. All you have to do is to purchase the package of the number by choosing which ever number suits you well (or that you prefer due to any reason). As soon as you pay for the service, the number is designated exclusively to you. Once it is yours, you can start using it there and then.

However, to pay for the number it is necessary to fill credit in the account. unfortunately, without credit you will not be able to use the number (you will not be able to receive the calls).

Last but not least, 0800 numbers are used just like any other regular number. It can also be diverted (to some other number).

Let’s understand two main factors of 0800 number and its dynamics…

Reporting of 0800 Numbers

Enlisted below are the best of the best features.

  • 0800 numbers are recorded. Yes, they are. You can find the track of calls (duration, a number from which the customer was calling, data on time, and etc.) under the tab “Your Account”.
  • Downloads are possible too. What does this mean? Well, it means that the CSV file is downloaded for further analysis to see the business you have made. This feature is added without any extra fees or charges. Also, for convenience, data is downloaded in a spreadsheet.

Diverting Numbers

The first thing which you should know is that the number can be diverted to any number besides the number you use. This clearly means that you are not required to use VoIP. However, you will definitely need BT telephone digits (number) to divert incoming calls. This feature is pretty much doable from the “Your Account” section.