Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you don't see what you're looking
for below, please send us an email! is the complete numbering service marketplace, including but not limited to local and toll-free, SMS, and API access for application providers or developers.
All our numbers are enabled for processing voice and messaging is optional.
Our voice network supports SIP, and is accessible via API.
We cover 85% of USA population and 80% of Canada, or about 11,000 rate centers.
Yes, we provide toll-free numbers for both voice and messaging.
Yes, we support number portability for both local DID and toll-free numbers.
There are no contracts with us, you can open an account at any time and purchase what is needed. A $2 credit is given to start.
Several payment options are available. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover wire transfers, and paypal to our bank account.
No, there are no minimum payments.
You can utilize the dashboard for an easy and real-time view of your monthly spend, taking out all the guess work. is a prepaid service, so a positive balance is required in the account to utilize all services. We accept credit cards and wire transfers.

The only additional fee is the USF fee (mandated by the FCC) which changes on a quarterly basis and applies to all of your transactions.

Fees also apply to the following add-on services:

- E911 Setup - $1.00 per phone number

- CNAM Lookup - $0.0025 per lookup

- CNAM Storage - Free bills per minute, not per channel.